SCORE strives to improve the quality of life for people with a spinal cord injury.

This mission has three main elements:
marker Providing financial support to young athletes and their families following an accident.
marker Sponsoring and organizing activity-based mentoring programs.
marker Supporting the search for a cure for paralysis.

In the weeks and months following a spinal cord injury, the individual and their family should be focused on rehabilitation. Instead, many are burdened with financial concerns, as insurance rarely covers all of the necessary expenses. SCORE aims to assist with the out-of-pocket costs for items such as home modifications, vehicle adaptations and medical co-payments. In the long term, SCORE strives to provide resources to help the individual achieve full independent living. SCORE has developed a wealth of information about support services available to the SCI community that are valuable to individuals as they adjust their lifestyle to accommodate the injury.

SCORE also organizes activity-based mentoring programs. SCORE seeks to provide physical, mental, and emotional challenges to people living with disabilities, in a safe and encouraging environment. The intent is to foster confidence and enthusiasm among disabled participants by providing an opportunity to safely engage in a physical activity.

SCORE is also committed to supporting spinal cord research. Insufficient public and private funding remain the most significant obstacles to finding a cure for paralysis. With proper funding and support from the community, a cure may only be five years away.

SCORE confers grant preference to young people injured while participating in sports.

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