SCORE Grant Profiles

SCORE's grant program aims to relieve some of the initial financial burden experienced by families dealing with a spinal cord injury. In this manner, it is hoped that the primary focus remains rehabilitation.

For families coping with a spinal cord injury, the challenges are often numerous. Concern for the well-being of the injured loved one is accompanied by anxiety over lifestyle changes and financial considerations. A spinal cord injury is expensive. Lifetime costs of spinal cord injury average $400,000 and can easily exceed $1.25 million if the injury is severe1. Even with excellent insurance coverage, the cost of incidentals such as obtaining adequate transportation (van, hand controls for a car), home renovations (building access ramps, widening door ways, refitting bathrooms) and insurance co-payments can quickly amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Through the generosity of its supporters, SCORE is able to bestow grants that offset some of these expenses.

SCORE confers grant preference to young people who are injured while participating in athletics. To date, SCORE has provided grants to over twenty individuals.

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Sean Gjos
Jake Rusczek
Matt Maw
Rocky Clark
Jackie Cimono
Jesse Billauer
Rob Komosa
Sammy Hughes
Brian Amidon
Peter Poullos
Tim McPheeters
Jay Soricelli
Jessica Radmilovic
Luis Leon
Jarred Evans
Jamie Wells
Matt Calvert
Ricky James
Matt Johnson
Austen Harris
Shane Lusk
Derek Porritt
Courtney Petersen
Juergen Lendewig
Alanna DeSalvo
Blake Browning
Kyler Smith
Nick DePalo
Joshua Hanley

1: University of Alabama at Birmingham National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center